Why Kazawallet Payment Gateway?
Because Kazawallet's advanced Payment Gateway, Powers businesses and individuals alike, our secure and efficient gateway revolutionizes the way you conduct transactions.
Key Features:
  • Supporting transactions from over 50 payment systems worldwide.
  • Safeguarded by cutting-edge security measures, ensuring a secure financial experience.
  • Swift processing capabilities, streamlining transactions for ultimate efficiency.
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Easy Integration with Kazawallet WordPress Plugin
Transform your WordPress site into a powerhouse of secure transactions with the Kazawallet Payment Gateway Plugin. Effortlessly integrate our user-friendly plugin to enhance your website's payment capabilities.
1. Invoice
Generate and manage invoices effortlessly
2. Over 50 Payment Systems
Accept payments from a diverse range of over 50 payment systems
3. Free Install, No Fees
Enjoy the benefits of a free installation with no hidden fees
4. Wide Range of Currencies
Kazawallet supporting transactions in 5 cryptocurrencies and 10 global currencies.
Kazawallet API Integration Guide
Discover the power of Kazawallet Payment Gateway with our comprehensive API Documentation. Designed for developers and businesses, our documentation provides clear, step-by-step instructions for smooth integration.
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1. Create Payment Link
Generate a payment link for a specified amount and currency
2. Webhook Notification
Set up a webhook URL to receive instant notifications when users complete payments.
3. Security Verification
Employ advanced security measures to verify the authenticity and integrity of transactions.
4. Cross-Platform Integration
Receive payment notifications via your preferred platform, whether it's Telegram or any other, for prompt and convenient updates.
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